• Welcome to Alba Graeca. Our food is inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine, which is both rich in flavor and history. We offer Burek and Artisan Pita stuffed with cheese, spinach, cheese and leek, potato, mushroom, apple or cherry fillings.
  • Alba Graeca is family-owned business with over 35 years of combined expertise, offering its customers a unique gastronomical experience. We pride ourselves in the fine quality of every delicious product.
  • At Alba Graeca, we want to keep our tradition of quality food alive. As a result, each day begins with fresh dough made from scratch! Our artisans give Alba Graeca's Burek its authentic, traditional flavor. Try it yourself and find why Alba Graeca is Toronto's premier Burek maker.
  • For five centuries, Burek has been made by people of Balkans. Today, Alba Graeca brings that tradition to you, making authentic Burek with a variety of fillings such as: ricotta and feta cheese, ground beef, spinach, mushroom and apple.
  • Alba Graeca's hand-made Burek is prepared with only the finest ingredients. We are committed to providing a convenient, high-quality product at a great price. Thank you for considering Alba Graeca as your supplier of hand-made Burek in the Greater Toronto Area.
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Alba Graeca - Premier Burek Maker!


Alba Graeca is frozen food manufacturer, specializes in a variety of products, including traditional burek, artisan pita, snack-sized burek and gourmet entrée puffs.

Alba Graeca hand made products come in ready-to-bake packaging for ease and convenience, making them perfectly suited for bakeries, caterers, fine hotels and restaurants, as well as specialty grocers. Let Alba Graeca products attract new customers to your business - customers who will return to savor the fine quality and flavour of hand-made European delicatessens.

Let the fine artisans at Alba Graeca delight you with the traditional, delicious taste of its exceptional products.

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